Learn how to use Google Apps Script to make an API request to the Star Wars API and get data on your favorite characters, planets, and more

February 2023

How to save time and hassle by creating Google Calendar events with multiple guests using Apps Script
Stop being beholden to random websites to generate your QR Codes!

January 2023

Having consistently formatted data is a must in an organization heavily reliant on Google Sheets & Excel

December 2022

Simplify your process of managing permissions
Learn to outsource mental tasks to a computer to enable you to focus your efforts on the tasks only you can do!

November 2022

And deliver an amazing customer experience way under budget without a new subscription!
If you have ever needed to turn an entire column, row, or sheet of data into Uppercase... you're welcome
A foundational building block of all software engineering
You thought Google was the only one to be able to add functionality to Google Sheets

October 2022

"That is an excellent question," Tony Stark